Sea Slugs from of the whole area. , Japan(There is no place designation.)

ORDER Nudibranchia

       SUBORDER Aeolidida

            FAMILY Eubranchidae
                     Eubranchus echizenicus Eubranchus echizenicus
                     Eubranchus inabai Eubranchus inabai
                     Eubranchus leopoldoi Eubranchus leopoldoi
                     Eubranchus misakiensis Eubranchus misakiensis
                     Eubranchus rubropunctatus Eubranchus rubropunctatus
                     Eubranchus sp. 1 Eubranchus sp. 1
                     Eubranchus sp. 2 Eubranchus sp. 2
                     Eubranchus sp. 3 Eubranchus sp. 3
                     Eubranchus sp. 4 Eubranchus sp. 4
                     Eubranchus sp. 5 Eubranchus sp. 5
                     Eubranchus sp. 6 Eubranchus sp. 6
                     Eubranchus sp. 7 Eubranchus sp. 7
                     Eubranchus virginalis Eubranchus virginalis

TOTAL: 13 Species