Sea Slugs from of the whole area. , Japan(There is no place designation.)

ORDER Nudibranchia

       SUBORDER Phyllidioidea

            FAMILY Phyllidiidae
                     Ceratophyllidia africana Ceratophyllidia africana
                     Fryeria picta Fryeria picta
                     Phyllidia coelestis Phyllidia coelestis
                     Phyllidia elegans Phyllidia elegans
                     Phyllidia exquisita Phyllidia exquisita
                     Phyllidia goslineri Phyllidia goslineri
                     Phyllidia ocellata Phyllidia ocellata
                     Phyllidia scottjohnsoni Phyllidia scottjohnsoni
                     Phyllidia varicosa Phyllidia varicosa
                     Phyllidiella cf. annulata Phyllidiella cf. annulata
                     Phyllidiella granulatus Phyllidiella granulatus
                     Phyllidiella nigra Phyllidiella nigra
                     Phyllidiella pustulosa Phyllidiella pustulosa
                     Phyllidiopsis annae Phyllidiopsis annae
                     Phyllidiopsis cardinalis Phyllidiopsis cardinalis
                     Phyllidiopsis fissuratus Phyllidiopsis fissuratus
                     Phyllidiopsis krempfi Phyllidiopsis krempfi
                     Phyllidiopsis striata Phyllidiopsis striata
                     Reticulidia fungia Reticulidia fungia

TOTAL: 19 Species