About this web site.

Jun Imamoto is the webmasters of this site.
Both of us are not biologist or not professional scuba diver either. We are keen scuba divers and somehow we love sea slug very much. We wanted to have introduced sea slugs in Japan to the world for a long time. This is why we made this site. I do hope you like this site!

Oct, 2001

Special Thanks
We often got the newest information on sea slug form following people or site.

The Sea Slug Forum (Australian Museum )
Dr Bill Rudman

Diving Operator "Regulus Diving" (Hachijyo Island, Japana)
Shouichi Kato
Shigeru Harasaki
Tomoyo Mizutani

Diving Operator "DIVING CLUB Con:color" (Hachijyo Island, Japan)(English page here)
Koutaro Tanaka

Diving Operator "Jester" (Kawana, Izu Peninsula, Sagami Bay , Japan )
Kenichi Kitou
Migi Ito

The Slug Site
Michael D. Miller
Since I(Nishina) dived with Mike and Jerry in Okinawa, we became very good friend.

The Okinawa Slug Site
Dr Robert F. Bolland

Mediterranean Slug Site , Sea-Slugs from the Philippine islands
Erwin Kohler

Marine Flatworms of the World!
Dr Wolfgang Seifarth

Dr Bernard Picton

Nembro Sea slugs Limaces de mer
Marina Poddubetskaia