Sea Slugs from of the whole area. , Japan(There is no place designation.)

ORDER Cephalaspidea

       SUBORDER Philinoidea

            FAMILY Gastropteridae
                     GASTROPTERIDAE sp. 1 GASTROPTERIDAE sp. 1
                     GASTROPTERIDAE sp. 2 GASTROPTERIDAE sp. 2
                     Gastropteron bicornutum Gastropteron bicornutum
                     Gastropteron sp. 1 Gastropteron sp. 1
                     Gastropteron sp. 2 Gastropteron sp. 2
                     Gastropteron sp. 3 Gastropteron sp. 3
                     Sagaminopteron ornatum Sagaminopteron ornatum
                     Sagaminopteron psychedelicum Sagaminopteron psychedelicum
                     Siphopteron brunneomarginatum Siphopteron brunneomarginatum
                     Siphopteron citrinum Siphopteron citrinum
                     Siphopteron flavum Siphopteron flavum
                     Siphopteron fuscum Siphopteron fuscum
                     Siphopteron nigromarginatum Siphopteron nigromarginatum
                     Siphopteron pohnpei Siphopteron pohnpei
                     Siphopteron sp. 1 Siphopteron sp. 1
                     Siphopteron sp. 2 Siphopteron sp. 2
                     Siphopteron tigrinum Siphopteron tigrinum

TOTAL: 17 Species